Coming from a family that has been involved with the hospitality business since 1895, when my Great Grandfather William J. Kelly started his dream of starting a hotel in Rosslare.

My Grandfather John Kelly the second son of William J. was to develop the Cedars guesthouse also in Rosslare and with his wife Mary and brough up there two daughters, Maire (my Mother )and Jacqueline.

For the first 10 years of my life all our summers were spent in the guesthouse environment, feeding the hens and pigs and collecting eggs and fresh vegetables from the kitchen garden. There under the careful charge of Granny, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea where carried out like clockwork. She would always take a moment at midday just before lunch to check all the food in and on the oven and she would call this “counting her blessings”. At the time I did realize how lucky I was to be able to see such fresh foods been served even the butter was homemade, this was where my passion began.

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