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Here is a list of common questions. If you do not find an answer please do not hesitate to ask Rio.

Questions about Pax House


What are your Check-in times?

From 3pm onwards and should you wish arrive earlier please let us know. There will be someone at the front desk to help you

Do you have a front desk?

Yes, the front desk is manned and available at all times.

Do you have a daily housekeeping service?

Yes, all rooms are serviced on a daily basis.

Is there parking

We do have car parking off the road.

Is there wifi

We have wifi available for all our guests in our lounge area.

Do you have pets.

Rio in the bushes
Rio in the bushes

We have Jules the dog.

What does the Room Rate include

First of all it is a room rate based on two guests staying, and therefore it is not per person. It includes our award winning breakfast, government tax, homemade biscuits and tea served on arrival. For a single occupancy there is a reduction of 5% from the rates mentioned.

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Are there hair dryers in the room

All of our bedrooms have hairdryers

How far are we from downtown

We are on top of the hill with the best possible view in Dingle, just one km taking about 1 minute driving or 12 minutes walking down, it will be a little longer getting back up about 15 minutes.

Is it possible to buy some wine while staying with you.

We have a wine list with a number of wines available as two wines sold by the glass. We also have a cheese plate and sandwiches on our lounge menu.

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If I do not have a car How do I get to pax House..

Easy, Just let us know when your bus is arriving into Dingle and we will organize transport up to Pax House.

If I do not have a sea view bedroom will I still be able to see the best view in Dingle from Pax House.

The view from Pax Guest House Lounge
The view from Pax Guest House Lounge

Having the best views in all of Dingle, whether you have a sea view bedroom or a non sea view bedroom, have no worries as the lounge, breakfast room and outside patio have the views to behold.


Do you have king size beds in Pax House.

All our classic bedrooms both non sea view and sea view would have king beds, as do our spacious sea view bedrooms with patio.

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Is there a place to sit outside and enjoy the views without having the sea view bedrooms with their terrace.

The lounge
The lounge

We have a patio outside our lounge with luxury seating where you can relax over a glass of wine from our wine list and enjoy 180 degrees views.

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Do you have bedrooms on the same level as the entrance so I do not have to use steps.

We have six recent renovated double or twin bedrooms all on the ground floor, the bathroom would have a walk shower. These bedrooms are on the same level as the breakfast room, lounge and outside patio.

Do you have gluten free items available on the breakfast menu

We have plenty of choice for guests that would like a gluten free breakfast menu, gluten free bread and oatmeal would be just two of the items available.

Questions about Dingle


Is there a library in Dingle

Yes, there is one on Green St.

If we do not wish to drive around the Slea Head Route, (Dingle Peninsula) is there someone that will drive us around.

There would be a number of drivers that do a great trip around the coastline, some can be taken for a two hour period while other can be individually planned so suit your wishes.

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Is there a laundry facility in town.

There is a great laundry in town, normally if you leave your items with them in the morning, they will normally have it ready for collection in the afternoon. They are closed on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.

Is there Irish traditional music to be heard in Dingle.

There is always Irish traditional music in Dingle, every day of the year except for the two days of the year where the bars are closed, Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Do I need to make a reservation for dinner in one of the local restaurants.

If you wish to eat in a certain restaurant at a certain time, then yes I would reserved a table before arriving, but normally one of the team can ring around in the afternoon and try to get you a table reserved in one of the restaurants.

Can we hire bikes to cycle around the area.

There are two places where bikes can be hired and it would be around 10 euro per day rental.

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Are there taxi services that we can take

Should you wish to get a taxi, no problem there are a number of taxi cabs in town.

Is there parking in town

There are at least four car parks in Dingle, so you will have no trouble getting a place to park the car, please do not park on a white line as you may get a ticket.

Questions about Ireland


What is a Bank Holiday.

There are a number of Bank Holiday in Ireland.

New Year’s Day 1st January, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter Monday, First Monday in May, June and August. Last Monday in October. Saint Stephen’s Day, 26th December. Most businesses and schools are closed, other services for example Transport still operate but often with restricted schedules.

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