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From the Garden at Pax House

From the Garden.


We are enormously proud of the beautiful location we are fortunate to work and share. Our philosophy is to try to have as little impact on our environment. The  Team at Pax House has always be a great supporter of recycling and we will continue to fine tune our methods over the course of the coming years. We are constantly separating every item of waste that comes through our doors. Glass bottles, plastics, cardboard to everything in between is gone through and sorted. All our waste foods are recycled, most of it ends up in our compost heap where Mother Nature and her team of friendly critters convert it into the best possible soil that will be used in the garden.

What we grow.

No kitchen garden is complete without herbs. We have a large garden, three raised beds and numerous pots. Five species of mint, chocolate, apple, pineapple and peppermint, are cultivated. Other herbs which are growing would be chives, parsley flat and curly, lemon balm, thyme, sage, coriander, rosemary and a very large fennel plant. Rhubarb is used mainly on our breakfast menu and the variety we use has a sweet flavor providing most of our need during the season. This year we have already started planting potatoes, tomatoes, ginger, horseradish and radishes, fingers crossed they will all be winners.

Our Bird Feeders.

Throughout the year we have a number of variety of small birds coming to our feeders in the garden, there can be no more relaxing way to while away and hour than just sitting in the lounge and looking out at them. To get up close and personel to them use the many pairs of binoculars in the lounge.