What our Guests say about Pax House

Apart from the excellent quality of the accommodation and the food, the special view of Single Bay and the resident dolphin Fungi there was a magical ambience and friendliness which was indefineable.
McWicked London United Kingdom.

The entire staff makes you feel so comfortable and secure, Pax House is everything and more.
Shaylal San Antonio Texas. Dec 2013

The attention to detail, his exceptional staff and John’s sincere hospitality make this truly the best stay in our two week visit to Irelan.
Boblovesnat Fort Worth, Texas. Dec 2013

Pax House virtually swims in delightful distractions and whimsically smart, impressive and entertaining appointments.
Preglad New York City. Nov 2013

If the B&B and Dingle weren’t so beautiful, I’D have a hard time getting out of the luxurious bed that was in our room.
Sarabeth G San Diego Nov 2013.

Arrived late and John gretted us all with a hearty welcome. Fabulous breakfast the next morning and the view of the bay and fields leading down to it were wonderful.
Jerome 1028 Greensboro Nov 2013.

If Ireland is heaven the Pax House must be the Pearly Gates! Whether you are looking for your piece of Ireland, or your peace of mind, you’ll find it here.
CKelly110 Woburn Nov 2013.

Stumbled in the Pax House by accident, but am so happy that we did. John greeted us effusively at the door and after we checked in he brought us a beautiful tray of tea and biscuits.
Nyctraveir New York Oct 2013.

The hotel is the best of both worlds-the personal attention to detail of a b&b, with the amenities and privacy of a boutique hote.
TravelBugs 1210 Richmond Oct 2013.

Arrived at Pax House late one night because of car problems, John was waiting for us with a smil and a quick check-in. I loved the “resident animals) Molly the cat, Rio the dog and the Three sisters (the hens).
Pat N Norfolk oct 2013.

Pax House was as good as it gets. Beautiful B&B, and gorgeous views..
Maxwell 327 San Francisco Oct 2013.

After 20 trips to Ireland and many visits to Dingle I would have thought that I would not be blown away by a new B&B experience, but this is it.
Loupow Pennsylvania Oct 2013.

We felt really special and lucky to have come across this fantastic place.
jitkaR Dublin oct 2013.

Attention to detail, like refective vests in the closet to be used for walks is exceptional.
Diane R Pittsburgh October 2013.

We were over whelmed with the beauty of the location and the hospitality of John and all the staff who really “get it” when it comes to treating guests to a special experience and what hospitality is all about.
Don O Omaha Oct 2013.

John, Margaret and Alma were all so gracious and hospitable beyond belief. Loved Rio. Loved Rio. Did I say that? This dog made us so happy to see, as we missed our dogs already.
AuntyJoeBear Ventura Oct 2013.

This is truly a first class operation.The breakfast was 5 star. In all my trips to Europe, I have never experienced a breakfast like this one in a B&B prepared by John.
Susan W Little Rock Oct 2013.

What really makes this place special though is the care, attention to detail and total professionalism.
LassieUk UK Oct 2013.

We arrived early and were greeted with a warm welcome and tea.
Dineen V Crete Oct 2013.

Presentation and perfectionism is what Pax House is all about. John will knock himself out to make your stay at Pax House special. You won’t be disappointed.
Thompsontrio san Gabriel oct 2013.

The view is just to die for. I almost didn’t want to go out every day. The sitting room was so nice and pleasant.  Our breakfast spoiled all our other breakfast on our trip. No others were as delicious or as Beautiful as what John made everyday. Margaret was just the nicest person to see in the morning and afternoon. Her good spirits were infectious.
Mimidarling Virginia beach oct 2013.